Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series: Nivå 1, 300 ord: Whom do you like more?

Kinesiska, Engelska / Yuehua Liu et al (2009)

9 st i lager

Leveranstid 2-5 vardagar

Whom do you like more?

Xie Hong, Fang Xin's true love, has gone abroad to fulfill her dream. But Fang Xin only wants to stay in Zhongguancun in Beijing doing work that he enjoys. Xiaoyue comes to visit Fang Xin every day. She is the one who really understands Fang Xin. She loves him and can offer him the help that he badly needs. But only Xie Hong is in Fang Xin's mind. What should Fang Xin do? He seems to be losing his way of life...


  • Chapter 1: I'll wait for you in America
  • Chapter 2: Where can I find a computer?
  • Chapter 3: Go to Zhongguancun, and you will prosper
  • Chapter 4: Money, money, and money!
  • Chapter 5: More and more people will buy it
  • Chapter 6: I can't work here any longer
  • Chapter 7: We shouldn't live this way anymore
  • Chapter 8: This is the happiest day of my life
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  • Författare:Yuehua Liu et al
    Språk: Kinesiska, Engelska
    Förlag:Peking University Press
    Serie:Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series
    Format:200/140/4 mm
    Vikt:104 g
    Titel:Whom do you like more?
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