Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series: Nivå 1, 300 ord: Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Kinesiska, Engelska / Yuehua Liu et al (2008)

8 st i lager

Leveranstid 2-5 vardagar

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

June 8. Beijing. A pretty girl lies dead on the floor of her luxury home. A slip of paper found on her body reads, "I'm tired. Let me leave..." At the bottom of the slip is a signature: Lin Shuang-shuang. Shuang-shuang has a twin-sister called Dui-dui. The two girls look so similar that others can hardly tell who's who. Is the one who died really Shuang-shuang? Then where is Dui-dui? If the one who died is Dui-dui as someone claimed, then why is the signature on the slip Lin Shuang-shuang?


  • Chapter 1: A girl died
  • Chapter 2: The first witness
  • Chapter 3: The second witness
  • Chapter 4: The third witness
  • Chapter 5: The fourth witness
  • Chapter 6: The fifth witness
  • Chapter 7: The sixth witness
  • Chapter 8: What was wrong
  • Chapter 9: This girl doesn't have a red face
  • Vocabulary index
  • Exercises
  • Answer keys to the exercises
  • Författare:Yuehua Liu et al
    Språk: Kinesiska, Engelska
    Förlag:Peking University Press
    Serie:Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series
    Format:200/140/4 mm
    Vikt:94 g
    Titel:Wrong, wrong, wrong!
    Orginaltitel:错, 错, 错!
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