Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series: Nivå 1, 300 ord: Can I dance with you?

Kinesiska, Engelska / Yuehua Liu et al (2009)

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Leveranstid 2-5 vardagar

Can I dance with you?

A smart young man suddenly gets into big trouble. He just fell in love with a pretty girl, but now the police come and want to arrest him. The bank he works for lost 10 million dollars, and the police list him as a suspect. Of course he is not the robber! He even knows who did it. But can he find evidence to prove it to the police? It's all just too much. Also, will he be able to see his girlfriend again?


  • Chapter 1: An interesting guy
  • Chapter 2: Who took the 10 million dollars from the bank
  • Chapter 3: "For now, don't trust anyone!"
  • Chapter 4: The best friend
  • Chapter 5: Who made the misguided impression?
  • Chapter 6: Who is that killer?
  • Chapter 7: Hacking for evidence
  • Chapter 8: "Can I dance with you?"
  • Vocabulary index
  • Exercises
  • Answer keys to the exercises
  • Författare:Yuehua Liu et al
    Språk: Kinesiska, Engelska
    Förlag:Peking University Press
    Serie:Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series
    Format:200/140/4 mm
    Vikt:94 g
    Titel:Can I dance with you?
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