Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series: Nivå 1, 300 ord: Two Children Seeking the Joy Bridge

Kinesiska, Engelska / Yuehua Liu et al (2010)

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Leveranstid 2-5 vardagar

Two children Seeking the Joy Bridge

"Sir, where is the air-ticket office?"
"You two kids come to buy air-tickets? Are you gonna travel somewhere?"
"Nope." "We just wanna go up the Joy Bridge."
"The Joy Bridge?"
Of the two children at the airport to buy air-tickets, one is 7 and the other is 8. Beyond their wildest imaginings, after they ran away, their parents were called by some crocks who demanded a ransom to get them back...


  • Chapter 1: The children are missing
  • Chapter 2: Report to the police
  • Chapter 3: Notice for help
  • Chapter 4: The phone rings
  • Chapter 5: Got the baddies
  • Chapter 6: The two kids buying air-tickets
  • Chapter 7: Zhenzhen´s story
  • Chapter 8: Mingming´s story
  • Chapter 9: We still want to see the Joy Bridge
  • Vocabulary index
  • Exercises
  • Answer keys to the exercises
  • Författare:Yuehua Liu et al
    Språk: Kinesiska, Engelska
    Förlag:Peking University Press
    Serie:Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series
    Format:200/140/4 mm
    Vikt:106 g
    Titel:Two Children Seeking the Joy Bridge
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