Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series: Nivå 1, 300 ord: I really want to find her

Kinesiska, Engelska / Yuehua Liu et al (2008)

8 st i lager

Leveranstid 2-5 vardagar

I really want to find her...

She is really beautiful. Just one look at her photo and three guys, Daiwei, Jie-fu and Qiu-tian, are all determinded to find her! The photo was given to them by their professor before he died. And nobody knows where in China the girl is. How can the guys find her? And what happens when they finally see her?


  • Chapter 1: A girl´s picture
  • Chapter 2: I really want to find her
  • Chapter 3: Where is the girl in the picture
  • Chapter 4: Qiutian is missing
  • Chapter 5: Bring books to the girl
  • Chapter 6: Please take me to her right now!
  • Chapter 7: "I also want to tell you..."
  • Chapter 8: "I like Pearl Lake too!"
  • Vocabulary index
  • Exercises
  • Answer keys to the exercises
  • Författare:Yuehua Liu et al
    Språk: Kinesiska, Engelska
    Förlag:Peking University Press
    Serie:Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series
    Format:200/140/4 mm
    Vikt:92 g
    Titel:I really want to find her
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